Overview: Sunscape Cove is an all inclusive resort in Montego Bay. The property consists of two hotels, Sunscape Splash and Cove. Both are all inclusive. Splash is more family friendly with a kids water area, pools and activities. This review is will focus on the Cove because that is where we stayed. Upon arrival we were taken to check in on golf carts. The bell man were very attentive and responsive but they also wait for and assume tipping. Check in was quick and easy. We traveled with a large

Life comes at you fast and whether you are an anxious diva like me who can’t take it or sper chill and flexible, you should still learn to be still in the midst of crazy. This week was one of pure crazy for me and I found myself losing it so when the weekend hit, I knew I needed to just be still and recharge. In this weeks Sunday Session, I talk about how I create peace and stillness in the mess. I also have questions for my meditation pros

We are living in the forever long season of comparison. Everyone around us looks like they are winning and can’t lose. Meanwhile, some of us can’t help but ask when our time is coming. Comparison can be the devil and a thief of joy if you let it. Folks get so caught up in trying to level up and keep up with the wins of friends, family, and strangers while ignoring is the struggle, chaos, and sacrifice many of them make to present well to the world. You see very

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