Your Time is Coming

We are living in the forever long season of comparison. Everyone around us looks like they are winning and can’t lose. Meanwhile, some of us can’t help but ask when our time is coming. Comparison can be the devil and a thief of joy if you let it. Folks get so caught up in trying to level up and keep up with the wins of friends, family, and strangers while ignoring is the struggle, chaos, and sacrifice many of them make to present well to the world. You see very few people are transparent about how they accomplished those wins. They don’t want you to know they maxed out every credit card and are drowning in debt after starting that business or that they are lonely and depressed because of relationships they ruined trying to chase that win.

It is perfectly normal and fine to compare yourself, but instead of comparing their haves and your have nots in a negative manner, use the wins of others to develop your plan to win. But start with your thought process. Changing the if to when is a positive affirmation that takes you from “I may or may not succeed” to “it’s not a matter of if I’ll win, it’s when will I win.” Using when vs if is a sign of confidence and is the beginning of manifestation. Now all that is left is to actually do the work to win.

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