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I have become pretty open about our struggle with infertility. If you’re unfamiliar with our story, please take a read. Anyway, we decided to embrace our struggle and actually do something about it. We were not very open about this process because it was such a trying time and honestly we just didn’t need the outside noise with all the chaos that was happening in our home. Well we fought hard, with the intention on giving it one great shot and if it didn’t work, then we could walk away

We are at a point when entreprenuership is on the rise, especially among black and minority women. We are killing it, but we still face many challenges in business. Black women in business face many hurdles including lack of funding and brand awareness. This hasn’t stopped us from excelling, but in light of the recent sell out of some fast food commodities, I thought I would share a few ways you can help your girls sell out too. Share their work.  Many small business owners get put on by social